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About Me

Sup? I'm Amanda.

I'm 25 and married with a kid, and you might think you know all about me based on those facts. But my life is nothing like everyone else’s. 

I’m learning a lot about myself as time goes on. The past two years of my life have been full of many new experiences. I’ve always been a believer that change is the only constant in life and the only thing to do is pursue it and adapt. I’m not sure if this comes across in anything I’ve written on this blog because this blog is basically a smorgasbord of the inner workings of my mind. But that’s how I want it because that’s real life to me.

I tend to ramble. I over think basically every decision I make. Sometimes that works to my advantage. I’m constantly dreaming about what is next and try to approach every day as an exciting opportunity to learn something new. I’m an old, creative soul just searching for my niche in this life that I’ve been given. I’m a constant work in progress, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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