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Our Wedding

Evan and I met back in 2008 and have been on an amazing journey since then. On our 3 year anniversary in October 2011, we hiked Mt. Major in New Hampshire, the site of one of our first dates (yes, we went hiking as a date. It's how we roll.) But this time around I had some tricks up my sleeve. Despite a sinus infection and the beginning stages of walking pneumonia (!) we hiked to the summit and once I could catch my breath, I proposed. We consider ourselves nontraditional folks, so taking matters into my own hands just felt right. And he said yes :)

October 2008.
Engaged! October 2011.

Fast forward to June 2012. The two of us along with both of our mothers, Evan's grandmother, and my aunt, uncle and three cousins + girlfriend flew to Jamaica and claimed a villa at Rondel Village in Negril. We were married on Thursday, June 7, 2012.

A small and intimate wedding was just what we wanted. After entertaining the idea to have a DIY wedding in the backyard at home with ALL of our family and friends, we realized it was simply too much work/stress/money and we just wanted to keep it simple. So we decided to marry in the land of One Love and were thrilled that a few family members were able to share our special day with us.

In addition to the wedding, this was a full blown cultural experience unlike anything our families had seen before. And it was a much needed vacation for all. We had perfect weather (no rain in the Caribbean for a whole week, whaaat?), the most friendly and accommodating staff at Rondel Village (can't say enough good things about this place), and we created memories that will last many lifetimes.

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